the return of irp

Hurrah! The blockage in IRP’s intestine has resolved itself and she is back home. We are truly grateful for the prayers and well-wishes of everyone. Next week, IRP and FMP will be going to consult with a surgeon about the reversal of IRP’s temporary colostomy. If it pleases God, this will be the end of IRP’s struggles. Oh, how we hope and pray it is!

In other news, my brother is marrying again. He has been married to this woman before and we are very happy to have her and her children back in our lives. As a bonus, she will be gifting us with a baby girl in December. Oh, how we love adding children to our family! The rottenness in our family is unbelievable. And, it all starts before we even see the child’s ultrasound. The moment a child is conceived, we know that s/he is a person with a unique and special purpose. My brother and his fiancée have already refused the test for Down’s Syndrome because it carries a small risk of harming the child. Since nothing will change their intent to have Little Miss HM (of course she has a name), they see no point in risking her life to find out. Other tests that may reveal challenges but carry no risk of harm will be performed so that we may better care for her when she makes her grand entry. We are, of course, praying for an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, but God has a plan no matter what happens. Just because we are not in on all of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

IRP’s suffering also has a purpose. We are totally in the dark as to what it is. In time, perhaps He will show us. If not, we will trust until we stand before Him and learn all.

Hoping your weekend has started on such a good note,

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