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and then there was yum

A huge thank you to Mod Pizza! Today, for Teacher Appreciation Day, they gave a free pizza or salad to any educator who showed their badge. There is a Mod Pizza less than a quarter mile from the college I work at. I went with three colleagues at around 1:15 this afternoon. Even though I am sure the staff had been extremely busy since the moment they opened (nothing runs through a college faster than the news of free food), the staff was cheerful and helpful. The young lady who started my pizza even had some suggestions as to what was good. She also called one of my colleagues, who has been there more than the once I have before, by name. I had BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, broccoli, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese with extra BBQ sauce drizzled over the top. It was delightful! Thank you! Thank you! Mod Pizza is the best!~~TSG


time to party

Tonight, my parents, siblings and a few friends are joining my family at Babbin’s, a local seafood restaurant. There will be fun, fellowship and alligator appetizers for the adventurous among us. No, it does not “taste just like chicken”. Afterwards, we will be going to my parent’s house for cake. The only ones missing will be RTA and MFA, who live too far away to come (insert frowny face here). I told FMP that this all sounded a bit expensive and he asked me if I intended to turn 50 again. Since I don’t, I had to concede his point. On with the festivities!!


Here for the Party!

When I graduated high school, my mother began the tradition of taking the graduate out for dinner with four of his/her friends to the restaurant s/he chooses. CPI chose P.F. Chang’s. We had so much fun that it was almost illegal. One of CPI’s friends has mistaken the day and had to be lured away from another graduation party. We ate huge amounts of delicious food and topped it off with dessert. In all, we spent two hours. My mother and I paid and got the leftovers together and waited for there to be a break in the fun. After twenty minutes, we stood, gathered our things and edged towards the door. Realizing that we were alone, we turned back to discover the “children” absorbed in conversation and laughter. Finally, I said, “CPI, we are leaving”. Everyone looked at us in shock.

Here is a picture of, from the left: L, M, H, CPI (in the suit) and G. Don’t they look pretty/handsome and happy?! I think so.



Too much fun?

CPI had so much fun that he slept until 5:00 yesterday. I think he might have gone on sleeping, but we made him get up to eat and so that he would sleep that night. He is currently “awake”, but lolling all over the couch. It is ridiculous how tall he has become. He takes up virtually the entire length of the couch and his feet are still hovering over the floor.

Apparently, I misunderstood. There was no putt-putt golf. Instead, there was bowling, arcade games, laser tag, pool and a ROPES course. CPI thinks we might all like to go there sometime. Given my grace and elegance, I will not be going in for laser tag or ROPES. For evidence of the above statement, see here:



I Just Don’t Know What to Say (Unusual for Me)

While I was at home resting, a friend from work brought up balloons and a card for IRP.  She also left a card for me and FMP. Inside I found a gift card. My co-workers had taken up a collection to help us out!

I am so touched and humbled. I really can’t find words to thank them. I work for a community college. Many of the part-timers are students. I know they are struggling themselves. And, yet, they gave of their limited resources to aid us. I never cry, but I think I may have to now. I wish my grandmother were still here. She would cry with me and we would both feel better. I am sure, though, that she is up before the throne pointing out to God exactly what she thinks of IRP’s position.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you guys!