The Wednesday Report: Part the Second

Some years ago, FMP built me a wooden box to keep money I found in. I usually keep it in my office, so it has a small padlock. This is not because I don’t trust my co-workers. I work for a college and a couple hundred students and others come into the advising area every day during a normal year. Obviously, the vast majority are good people who would not dream of robbing me. But, there’s always the one who ruins it for everyone else. Last week, when I started the count, I forgot to include what was in the box when we all went home in March. On most days, I walk the campus at 3 or 4 in the afternoon for exercise. Being a college, every building has at least one vending machine area. As I walk through, I check for coins in the change returns. This is where the bulk of the money in the Found Money Fund comes from. I also throw in money I find anywhere else. So, this week’s total includes what was already in there. In future, I will just tell you about any new finds.

Found Money Fund starting balance: $17.90
Food Town freebie/savings: $3.30
Kroger savings: $13.65
HEB savings: 6.02
Foreign money found (.04 in Euros): $.05
Found Money Fund (new): $.13

New total for The Scheme: $248.96~~TSG

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