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soda for days

About once a month, one of the dumpsters on my route turns out some sort of new-in-package food that has “expired”. The dumpster is behind a strip mall with both a dollar store and a grocery store. Since the grocery store has its own dumpster on another side of the center, I assume the food is from the dollar store.

This month’s bonanza is, mostly, Coke products; cherry coke, diet coke, coke zero, minute maid lemonade, minute maid fruit punch, fanta orange and fanta strawberry. There is also a single tampico citrus punch. All were at the top of the dumpster; one of those that are only open at the top and are chest-high. All are full and still sealed. The only thing they need is a bit of a wash to get off the dust that seems to be from sitting in storage.

At work every morning, I go to the machine and buy a coke. I don’t drink coffee, so this is how I get my caffeine. The machine charges me $1.50 per soda. The coke haul is a mix of 20-ounce and 2-liter bottles. Given this and the number of bottles recovered, I estimate that I have just saved about $50-75. CPI is in from A&M and will take some back with him.

Given the way I found the sodas, I believe they were left for me. I go by this particular center every Friday. I make no secret of what I am doing if asked. I met the security guard the first time I was there and explained what I was doing. I have read in blogs or seen in YouTube videos, other divers who have people leave them things. If that is the case, thank you to the kind person who did this! Every penny I save this way makes it easier to put the boy through university. Also, thank you to God, Who made sure I found them.~~TSG


yes! we did it!

CPI’s first semester at Texas A&M University is totally paid for! We owe nothing and CPI did not have to take out a loan. God grant that we can continue as we have begun.

Every weird look from strangers, bruised knuckle and cut on my hands; every banged-up shoulder, sore foot and twisted ankle in pursuit of this goal is unimportant compared to the unbelievable feeling of exhilaration and relief that my child does not face the burden of paying off loans for the classes he took this semester. With the help of God, I will continue and ensure that he takes a bachelor’s degree in his chosen field unencumbered by debt.~~TSG


marching on

The last of this month’s payment to CPI’s college was made today. Of the total amount we paid this month, $74.00 came from metals I found and scrapped and $80.00 was from eBay sales of things I found. This is hard work, but the payoff is worth it. Hope y’all’s day has gone as well.~~TSG


the week to date

So far this week, I’ve found $1.04 in various places.~~TSG


a really good day

IRP’s surgery went very well. She is in a room, her pain is a 2-3 and she is getting to eat solid food. A big thank you to all who prayed and sent well-wishes!

This week, I picked up $2.45  walking around the campus. Into the Found Money Fund with it. The Found Money Fund is a box made by FMP in which I keep the change I find. Usually, I save it all year and then spend it on Black Friday. We are up to  $6.62  so far this year.

Finally, when I went out to get the mail, there was a HUGE package on the front step. Inside was a prize from Woman’s World; an Italian cooking set with an All Clad spaghetti pot/strainer insert, an All Clad sauce pan, three Prego sauces, a spiral slicer, a collapsible strainer and a walnut spaghetti server. FMP really loves All Clad and we’ve been buying it piece by piece. This really ups our game. Thank you Woman’s World!!!


in which FMP joins the scheme

I found $1.08 recently around campus. Yesterday, FMP used his day off to run some errands for his boss and brought in $100. Thank you, dear!


another month

Today, I made the first payment on what is left of CPI’s A&M bill after financial aid. Over $150 of it came from The Scheme, either eBay sales or scrapping. Not that they would kick him out at once, but I feel good knowing he doesn’t have to worry about it for another month. Friday, I found $.50 and today $.51. When I was young, people used to tell me not to use “fifty-cent” words. They thought I should not use words that might make others insecure because I was smart enough to know what they meant. I find it funny that I can now buy my son two of them.~~TSG


when it rains…

Today, IRP, CPI’s older sister called. She will need surgery the 10th of February to repair a hernia caused by the surgeries to correct a birth defect that you will find chronicled earlier in this blog. We had hoped to give the issue a little more time to work itself out, but IRP turns 26 in May and will have to leave the insurance provided by my job. I don’t want her to have to pay for surgery either out-of-pocket or with a plan that will probably not be as good as mine. Please pray that all will go well. Also, I am going to look into the possibility of her staying on my plan until she can get her own. Please pray that I will find favor with HR and the law in this matter.

As for The Scheme, I found $.67 today either on the floor or in vending machine coin return slots. I am really getting a lot of stretches in amassing money this way.~~TSG


every penny counts

In the last two days, I’ve found $.63 on the floors and in machines. It is a bit slow paying for books word by word, but I’ll take it.~~TSG


first payment

After spending some time on the phone yesterday, I determined that I could make a partial payment and it would be applied to any of the installments I wanted. So, I paid what I had put away so far in our regular account onto the payment due January 31st. I still have the money I got from selling the books in another account. At work, I picked up $.26 .~~TSG