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On this day, in 1984, FMP laid his entire world at my feet and basically said, “It’s yours if you want it”. I did and I do. Happy anniversary, dear! I love the Minions you gave me.~~TSG


today’s good feeling

I am an advisor for a college. Many of our students have small children who come along when mom or dad needs to talk about classes. I keep two lower shelves full of toys that I get cheaply ($2 or less) for the children to play with so their parents don’t feel like they have to hurry. Today a boy 3-4 and a girl 1-2 came in with their mother. The reason I don’t pay much for the toys is that I like to give them to the children as a gift when they leave. Right now, I have some Fisher Price Rescue Heroes. When I told the boy he could have one for helping me by playing nicely while Mom and I talked about school, he chose the Spider Man. I turned around just in time to see him give Spidey a very sweet little kiss. When I have bad days at work as everyone does, I will think of that moment and that beautiful child. Have a great weekend!~~TSG


we’ve had enough sorrowful joy, thank you

Saturday, my grandmother’s last remaining sibling died. Aunt Lucy had just turned 92. She was a pioneer in a male-dominated field and forced the men to respect her and pay her comparable wages by a combination of determination and extreme competence. She lived life on her own terms, not marrying until late in life even though marriage and family was the expectation of women in her era. And, we all loved Uncle Jack, the man she chose.

After Uncle Red’s death, Aunt Lucy began refusing her breathing treatments. Uncle Red had been a particular favorite of many of his aunts and uncles, especially after his own mother was killed in a train accident that also took the life of his first-born child. Aunt Lucy was old, but I think she died of sorrow. She told those who were with her that she just wanted to “go home to Jesus and my family”.

If it would not have meant I was also dead, I would have loved to have seen the reunion of the ten children, their parents and all of the others who had gone before. Maybe Jesus will put it on “replay” for me when I get there.~~TSG


the new normal

Praise God! IRP is happier and healthier now than she has been in years. She is relieved that, with the permanent colostomy, she knows what to expect. As she said to me, “at least I won’t wake up every day wondering what is going to break and will it succeed in killing me this time?”. This is not the solution we really wanted, but it is one that is working. I could not ask for anything more. Thanks and love to our prayer partners!~~TSG



IRP’s surgery went very well. In fact, much better than I expected. This time, they managed to get her pain under control in the recovery room instead of having to send her up to the floor for others to try.

When the nurses were preparing the pad that is used to transfer patients from one bed to another, IRP announced that she could move herself. She hit the medication button on the suggestion of the nurse who had brought her up to her room and practically hopped right on over. She was doing so well with control of pain and nausea that instead of waiting until today, the doctor put her on liquids last night. Soft food should follow this afternoon and IRP may come home as early as tomorrow.

I want to thank God and each of you who brought IRP’s cause before Him. I really feel that this operation will be the last and IRP will finally have a normal bodily life.~~TSG