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And Then There Was Ink…

As you will recall, I recently received a vintage fountain pen from my Bobcat in a Box subscription. When I went to fill it, I found that all my inks were dried up. So, I had to order new. It came in today. The pen works perfectly! If you are interested in possibly getting something similar, I used the keyword “antique pen”.~~TSG
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Bobcat in a Box #3 and #4

As I mentioned before, my family is using the Bobcat in a Box service to buy White Elephant gifts this year. In order to keep up the excitement and to be sure we are getting things that match our keywords, I am opening a package after every five that come in. Now that we have gotten started, there seems to be at least one package in my mailbox every day. Here are the latest goodies:
IMG_20180706_100755308 This is a carabiner meant to be used to attach a water bottle to your backpack while hiking. We likely got this from one or more of the following keywords; “camping”, “Scouts” or “travel”. Since I don’t have a water bottle handy, I put it on a Coke bottle to demonstrate:

The second item is a fountain pen of the type you fill with your preferred ink by pressing the button on the “bladder” to draw in the ink. I got this by putting in the keyword “antique pen”. I like to use a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint, so I am delighted with this:

Hoping your day is as full of fun surprises~~TSG