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so, what counts towards the $20 target?

I thought it would probably be a good idea to explain what I am counting as money earned towards my daily $20. The following are sources of income: rebates, money I find on my daily walks around the campus, things I find that I can use or give as presents, sales from Ebay or any other source I end up using to sell finds or creations, anything I win from the contests I enter, anything I am given that I can use or give as presents, coupons that save me money and money I make from scrapping the various things I find that do not work. What doesn’t count: savings from making things myself that I would normally buy and change collected from our cash expenditures. If I think of other things in either category, I will add them as time goes on.

I didn’t go to work today because I needed to give the steroids and other medicines a day to get working well. I figured that, since I would be in pain anyway (being at home allowed me to lay down and find a position that didn’t hurt as bad when I needed to), I could make the run through our neighborhood and to a nearby shopping center where I could get the antibiotic cream FMP needs for an incision from a recent successful out-patient surgery.

Today’s results:
1. Big Red soda cap that had a contest code from beside a dumpster. I am counting the cost to buy a soda from the machine at my office, my usual source for drinks: $1.50. I won a Buy One/Get One (BOGO) coupon with it.
2. Milk glass/gilt deviled egg plate on the curb that I will give my brother-in-love loaded with deviled eggs for Christmas. The number is garnered from sold listings on Ebay. I took the first four completed sales and averaged them: $12.35.
3. Desk chair that CPI can sit in while he games. He is currently sitting on his bed, which gives him a backache. I estimate that it would sell at a yard sale for at least $10.00.

This gives me a total for the day of $23.85. No actual money, but savings on things I would have bought otherwise.