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The “Scheme”

I have been thinking of several things that we need to have acquire or have done in our lives. Somewhere, I read a suggestion that I write down everything that I needed, wanted or thought would make my life easier; rate them on a 1-10 scale; and then choose three of the highest numbers and give them a time-line. After the three were chosen, I was to estimate their cost per month to the given time-line. These “end costs” were added together to give me how much I needed to bring in extra per quarter, month and day to make them a reality.

My three things are the following (monthly cost):
1. perfecting my pottery skills and perhaps selling on Etsy–$120
2. a down payment on a newer car–at least $300
3. new clothes and shoes to replace my aging wardrobe–$100

This works out to about $20 a day. I intended to start working this program today, since the first of the month seemed like a good time for new beginnings. Instead, I woke up Friday with horrible pain in my left hip. I got through the weekend and went to the doctor this morning. I have sciatica. Wonderful! I spent $25 on the visit. The accompanying medicine was $59.50. So, today ends with me -84.50.  This does not count the $20 I did not figure out how to make. Oh, well, there is always tomorrow.


here comes 2015

For me, the new year officially starts the day we go back to work for the Spring semester. That would have been yesterday. I have, as is traditional, decided to make some changes this year. I am not calling them “resolutions” since I intend to keep them. When I do, they will lead to great improvement in my life.

I am currently reading “People are Idiots and I Can Prove It!” by Larry Winget. It is unlike any “self-help” book I have read before. Mr. Winget’s process calls for a lot of writing and serious contemplation of how I got to where I am and what I must do to get out.

The part that has really gotten my attention is the “Jerry Swaggart Moment”, that one thing that you have done that is totally stupid and absolutely MUST go. Mine is this: I have allowed 2.5 years of cancer and its aftermath to derail the last 12 years of my life. Yes, more than FIVE TIMES the actual span of the event. So, what I am willing to give up (another list I made at the suggestion of Mr. Winget) in order to achieve real change in my life is…MY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY ABOUT THE CANCER. Yes, you read that correctly. I have a right to be angry about the cancer, but I cannot afford to indulge that right. I am, therefore, giving it up. I may have to give it up daily for a bit, but that is just what I am going to do. Pray for me and for those who must deal with me. Thank you!~~TSG