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we’ve had enough sorrowful joy, thank you

Saturday, my grandmother’s last remaining sibling died. Aunt Lucy had just turned 92. She was a pioneer in a male-dominated field and forced the men to respect her and pay her comparable wages by a combination of determination and extreme competence. She lived life on her own terms, not marrying until late in life even though marriage and family was the expectation of women in her era. And, we all loved Uncle Jack, the man she chose.

After Uncle Red’s death, Aunt Lucy began refusing her breathing treatments. Uncle Red had been a particular favorite of many of his aunts and uncles, especially after his own mother was killed in a train accident that also took the life of his first-born child. Aunt Lucy was old, but I think she died of sorrow. She told those who were with her that she just wanted to “go home to Jesus and my family”.

If it would not have meant I was also dead, I would have loved to have seen the reunion of the ten children, their parents and all of the others who had gone before. Maybe Jesus will put it on “replay” for me when I get there.~~TSG


today’s sadness and joy

Early this morning, a good man died. Although he was technically my mother’s cousin, he was as much an uncle to me as any of my actual uncles. Uncle Red was a fixture of my childhood and we often went to his house when we visited my great-grandparents in Mexia, Texas, or when we went to family reunions.

When I got ready to go to college, Uncle Red is part of the reason I chose Texas A&M. His name went on my application in the spot where it asked about family who had attended. To date, my sister, my brother and three nieces have also gone to this school for undergraduate studies. Another sister took a master’s there. Two days ago, my youngest child applied to A&M. In the essay portion, CPI spoke of our family’s tradition of attendance. Uncle Red’s name led the list. I like to think he would have been pleased had I had the chance to tell him.

As a Christian, I believe that I will see Uncle Red again. He is in heaven now, free of the infirmities that had come with advancing age. As a human, I grieve. Another piece of my childhood is gone from the earth. Rest in peace, Uncle Red, and save me a seat at the party! All my love!~~TSG


…and then HE said…

As most of you know, I am a Christian. In addition to petitioning God for help, I also listen for what He would have me do. This is not to say I always like it, but I have to do it if I wish to be a true follower of Christ.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have given up my right to be angry about the cancer and its aftermath. Yesterday, the Still Small Voice whispered that I had something else to give up. Something that has gone on much longer. There was a person in my life who, over the course of many years, harmed our family in numerous ways. I have long nursed my anger at this person. God says I have to give that up, too. So, here I go again. I am giving up…MY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY AT THIS PERSON. I am done. I may have to do this every day, too. So, more prayers, please! Thanks!~~TSG