today’s sadness and joy

Early this morning, a good man died. Although he was technically my mother’s cousin, he was as much an uncle to me as any of my actual uncles. Uncle Red was a fixture of my childhood and we often went to his house when we visited my great-grandparents in Mexia, Texas, or when we went to family reunions.

When I got ready to go to college, Uncle Red is part of the reason I chose Texas A&M. His name went on my application in the spot where it asked about family who had attended. To date, my sister, my brother and three nieces have also gone to this school for undergraduate studies. Another sister took a master’s there. Two days ago, my youngest child applied to A&M. In the essay portion, CPI spoke of our family’s tradition of attendance. Uncle Red’s name led the list. I like to think he would have been pleased had I had the chance to tell him.

As a Christian, I believe that I will see Uncle Red again. He is in heaven now, free of the infirmities that had come with advancing age. As a human, I grieve. Another piece of my childhood is gone from the earth. Rest in peace, Uncle Red, and save me a seat at the party! All my love!~~TSG

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