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we’ve had enough sorrowful joy, thank you

Saturday, my grandmother’s last remaining sibling died. Aunt Lucy had just turned 92. She was a pioneer in a male-dominated field and forced the men to respect her and pay her comparable wages by a combination of determination and extreme competence. She lived life on her own terms, not marrying until late in life even though marriage and family was the expectation of women in her era. And, we all loved Uncle Jack, the man she chose.

After Uncle Red’s death, Aunt Lucy began refusing her breathing treatments. Uncle Red had been a particular favorite of many of his aunts and uncles, especially after his own mother was killed in a train accident that also took the life of his first-born child. Aunt Lucy was old, but I think she died of sorrow. She told those who were with her that she just wanted to “go home to Jesus and my family”.

If it would not have meant I was also dead, I would have loved to have seen the reunion of the ten children, their parents and all of the others who had gone before. Maybe Jesus will put it on “replay” for me when I get there.~~TSG