Current “finds”:
1. Five porch pillars-the bottom 3-4 inches are rotten, so one of our clients had to replace them. They are still tall enough to support a porch of average height.
2. Three opaque glass 5′x3′ windows-found at storage unit demolition site and of the kind placed above garden tubs.
3. Linoleum tiles-12″x12″ found at the demolition site and enough to floor a laundry room.
4. Seventy-one flat and forty-three curved red brick tiles for edging, each 6″ square-from a field near a recently completed restaurant and suitable for an entry hall.
5. Approximately 40 12″x12″ marble tiles-from the curb in our neighborhood on two different occasions.
6. Four sets of indoor shutters-from the curb in the neighborhood in front of ours.

My brother-in-love from my younger sister intends to build cabins on their land to rent to people up for football games. I figure these things will give him a jumpstart on that project.

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