The “Scheme”

I have been thinking of several things that we need to have acquire or have done in our lives. Somewhere, I read a suggestion that I write down everything that I needed, wanted or thought would make my life easier; rate them on a 1-10 scale; and then choose three of the highest numbers and give them a time-line. After the three were chosen, I was to estimate their cost per month to the given time-line. These “end costs” were added together to give me how much I needed to bring in extra per quarter, month and day to make them a reality.

My three things are the following (monthly cost):
1. perfecting my pottery skills and perhaps selling on Etsy–$120
2. a down payment on a newer car–at least $300
3. new clothes and shoes to replace my aging wardrobe–$100

This works out to about $20 a day. I intended to start working this program today, since the first of the month seemed like a good time for new beginnings. Instead, I woke up Friday with horrible pain in my left hip. I got through the weekend and went to the doctor this morning. I have sciatica. Wonderful! I spent $25 on the visit. The accompanying medicine was $59.50. So, today ends with me -84.50.  This does not count the $20 I did not figure out how to make. Oh, well, there is always tomorrow.

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