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…the Lord is King! IRP was told by the doctor today that she does not need any further surgeries. He took out the final drain and declared her finished. She has another checkup next month, but other than that she can just get on with her life.~~TSG


the new normal

Praise God! IRP is happier and healthier now than she has been in years. She is relieved that, with the permanent colostomy, she knows what to expect. As she said to me, “at least I won’t wake up every day wondering what is going to break and will it succeed in killing me this time?”. This is not the solution we really wanted, but it is one that is working. I could not ask for anything more. Thanks and love to our prayer partners!~~TSG


our ways are not his ways…

IRP went into surgery at 1pm. At 3:15, the doctor came out to speak with us. The fistula has been successfully closed. However, IRP will have to deal with a colostomy for the rest of her life. There is simply not enough material left to reconnect her in the normal manner. In fact, the colon could not be stitched to the stoma today. A temporary plastic stent has been put in to allow for the growth of scar tissue. In three or four weeks, the doctor will use the scar tissue to complete the connection.

IRP has been dealing with the difficulties caused by Hirschsprung’s for her entire life in one way or another. This is the end of that. The permanent colostomy does not make any difference to her fiancĂ© who says it is “just a thing” which has nothing to do with her as a person. 🙂 I asked the doctor about IRP’s main concern; would she be able to conceive and carry children. He said that she has the correct equipment and it is in fine shape. Should scar tissue prevent regular conception, there are other methods to conceive. Most importantly, she will be able to carry a child to term. It has always been IRP’s worst fear that her condition would make this impossible.

God’s ways are not ours, but I know they have a purpose. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery and return to normal life. As always, thank you!~~TSG



IRP’s surgery went very well. In fact, much better than I expected. This time, they managed to get her pain under control in the recovery room instead of having to send her up to the floor for others to try.

When the nurses were preparing the pad that is used to transfer patients from one bed to another, IRP announced that she could move herself. She hit the medication button on the suggestion of the nurse who had brought her up to her room and practically hopped right on over. She was doing so well with control of pain and nausea that instead of waiting until today, the doctor put her on liquids last night. Soft food should follow this afternoon and IRP may come home as early as tomorrow.

I want to thank God and each of you who brought IRP’s cause before Him. I really feel that this operation will be the last and IRP will finally have a normal bodily life.~~TSG


Best Gift of the Year

I usually don’t have a “best” or “favorite” gift, but you will soon see why I have one this year. My sister and her family gave me a bag filled with small things that will make my life easier and more fun. Among them was a clear plastic glass printed with a paisley pattern and with a blue lid. This is my best gift this year. Let me tell you why.
My sister took my 11-year-old niece, K, with her shopping. K asked what I did at work. When informed that I evaluate transcripts for a college, K insisted that I needed a cup so that I would have plenty of water to drink. Working at a desk, according to K, is a very thirsty job. She stuck to the cup even though her mother made several other suggestions. The reason this cup is my best gift is that K spent time and thought in choosing it. She is really beginning to grow up. I am proud of her for thinking about my needs and then making a decision based on them. In fact, even if I had not really liked the cup, it would have been my favorite gift because of the effort that went into it. That is what gift-giving is about to me; considering others’ wants and needs and then trying to meet them.
Thank you, K! You did great!!


i made it, so there!

Despite my upper original equipment’s trying to kill me at 39 and my lower original equipment’s trying to kill me at 47, I have reached the auspicious age of 50. My beautiful, belovĂ©d cousin, Kelly, was taken by a form of the first disease that tried to make off with me before she could reach this milestone. In thankfulness to God and in memory of her, I intend to have a very good year for my 50th. This will not bring her back, but I hope God will let her know that I remember her with love.~TSK


rta and avb update

Well, those who think there is no God or, if there is, He doesn’t care about us, should not read further. It would just make them angry. Today, RTA was announced as the winner in a contest for gear. He had been entering once a day forever. The prize is enough clothing, eyewear, and other gear to get his and AVB’s new company off to a great start. As you may remember, I have been praying that they would have the will, means and help to do what they have planned. Last month, AVB met with a gentleman who is going to supply the means. Today, they got the help. All that is left is the will and they are both full of that. Thank you, Father, we truly are grateful!-TSG


a prayer is answered

RTA called yesterday to tell me some very exciting news. As I mentioned a few posts ago, he and AVB are starting a company together and also want to help other veterans. Last week, AVB met with a potential investor to show him the business plan and talk about the non-profit they want to start. This gentleman was very impressed and is going to invest a large amount to help RTA and AVB get started. I am so happy! I hope their business will really take off so that they can help many people.

Thank you, God!


the return of irp

Hurrah! The blockage in IRP’s intestine has resolved itself and she is back home. We are truly grateful for the prayers and well-wishes of everyone. Next week, IRP and FMP will be going to consult with a surgeon about the reversal of IRP’s temporary colostomy. If it pleases God, this will be the end of IRP’s struggles. Oh, how we hope and pray it is!

In other news, my brother is marrying again. He has been married to this woman before and we are very happy to have her and her children back in our lives. As a bonus, she will be gifting us with a baby girl in December. Oh, how we love adding children to our family! The rottenness in our family is unbelievable. And, it all starts before we even see the child’s ultrasound. The moment a child is conceived, we know that s/he is a person with a unique and special purpose. My brother and his fiancĂ©e have already refused the test for Down’s Syndrome because it carries a small risk of harming the child. Since nothing will change their intent to have Little Miss HM (of course she has a name), they see no point in risking her life to find out. Other tests that may reveal challenges but carry no risk of harm will be performed so that we may better care for her when she makes her grand entry. We are, of course, praying for an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, but God has a plan no matter what happens. Just because we are not in on all of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

IRP’s suffering also has a purpose. We are totally in the dark as to what it is. In time, perhaps He will show us. If not, we will trust until we stand before Him and learn all.

Hoping your weekend has started on such a good note,


A Word to Our Sponsors

Today, I slept in late because I don’t have work. Many people will be having barbecues and picnics. Some will be thanking our veterans or visiting the graves of their loved ones who died on our behalf. Others will hit the stores to take advantage of the sales. However you choose to celebrate the holiday, remember those who have sponsored your freedom of choice:

Those lying in honored state in the Tomb of the Unknowns and those lying unburied, but not unmourned in forests, jungles and deserts.

Those enshrined in the USS Arizona and those lost at the bottom of the sea in places known only to God.

Those who came home to die in hospitals of their wounds and those who died under torture, refusing to the end to give up secrets that would endanger our nation and freedom.

Those whose families had the opportunity to bury them and those whose bodies will not be seen until the last day.

Those of my son’s friends who died in Afghanistan and those of my father’s who died in Vietnam.

Those who died with comrades rushing to render aid that arrived too late and those who fought on knowing that no help was coming in response to their pleas.

These and others whose manner of serving in death I do not know of sponsored our way of life. They gave everything so that we could have everything. Every day, others stand ready to give their lives to defend the greatest nation and best way of life this planet has ever seen. We have our flaws, but still no one has found a better way. God bless America!