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rta and avb update

Well, those who think there is no God or, if there is, He doesn’t care about us, should not read further. It would just make them angry. Today, RTA was announced as the winner in a contest for gear. He had been entering once a day forever. The prize is enough clothing, eyewear, and other gear to get his and AVB’s new company off to a great start. As you may remember, I have been praying that they would have the will, means and help to do what they have planned. Last month, AVB met with a gentleman who is going to supply the means. Today, they got the help. All that is left is the will and they are both full of that. Thank you, Father, we truly are grateful!-TSG


a prayer is answered

RTA called yesterday to tell me some very exciting news. As I mentioned a few posts ago, he and AVB are starting a company together and also want to help other veterans. Last week, AVB met with a potential investor to show him the business plan and talk about the non-profit they want to start. This gentleman was very impressed and is going to invest a large amount to help RTA and AVB get started. I am so happy! I hope their business will really take off so that they can help many people.

Thank you, God!