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On this day, in 1984, FMP laid his entire world at my feet and basically said, “It’s yours if you want it”. I did and I do. Happy anniversary, dear! I love the Minions you gave me.~~TSG


Mother’s Day

People say that I am a good mother. I say that I don’t see how I could possibly have failed to be considering the example I was given. I am not saying my mother was perfect. If she had been, then she would have been God, which would have left her little time to be my personal mom.

I am saying that she was the very best mother she could possibly be. She taught us to stand together, even if we felt apart; “You can fight with your sisters all you want. But, if someone else fights them, you had better be on their side!”. She taught us respect for ourselves and others. This is part of the reason I am now married to FMP instead of his predecessor. I have respect here that I was NEVER going to get there.

The first dish she taught me to cook was baked beans and hot dogs. You might think that an odd choice, but they were my favorite at the time. I do not know what my sisters learned to cook first, but I am sure it was something they liked. I am also sure she ate some truly awful results so as not to discourage us.

She has stood beside me through every event in my life. She has told me the truth when I didn’t want to hear it and certainly didn’t like it. She did not treat me exactly the same as my sisters and brother. She treated me as I needed to be treated. Children are not cut-out cookies. They are not all the same. Fair is not important, equal is. We were equal.

I love you, Mom!