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yes! we did it!

CPI’s first semester at Texas A&M University is totally paid for! We owe nothing and CPI didĀ not have to take out a loan. God grant that we can continue as we have begun.

Every weird look from strangers, bruised knuckle and cut on my hands; every banged-up shoulder, sore foot and twisted ankle in pursuit of this goal isĀ unimportant compared to the unbelievable feeling of exhilaration and relief that my child does not face the burden of paying off loans for the classes he took this semester. With the help of God, I will continue and ensure that he takes a bachelor’s degree in his chosen field unencumbered by debt.~~TSG


an urgent request for the prayer warriors in the audience

IRP needs surgery once more. She has developed a fistula and the doctor will have to repair it and give her a temporary ileostomy again. I will let you look up the meaning of ‘fistula’ for yourself if necessary. Suffice it to say that it has given her an infection and made life much worse for her. As you probably guessed, IRP is very tired of all of this. She tells me that, if there is even a chance of anything going wrong after this, she is just going to keep the ileostomy. I am praying for God to heal this breech before the surgeon has to. Please join me; IRP really needs this to be over. Thank you!~~TSG