when it rains…

Today, IRP, CPI’s older sister called. She will need surgery the 10th of February to repair a hernia caused by the surgeries to correct a birth defect that you will find chronicled earlier in this blog. We had hoped to give the issue a little more time to work itself out, but IRP turns 26 in May and will have to leave the insurance provided by my job. I don’t want her to have to pay for surgery either out-of-pocket or with a plan that will probably not be as good as mine. Please pray that all will go well. Also, I am going to look into the possibility of her staying on my plan until she can get her own. Please pray that I will find favor with HR and the law in this matter.

As for The Scheme, I found $.67 today either on the floor or in vending machine coin return slots. I am really getting a lot of stretches in amassing money this way.~~TSG

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