Too much fun?

CPI had so much fun that he slept until 5:00 yesterday. I think he might have gone on sleeping, but we made him get up to eat and so that he would sleep that night. He is currently “awake”, but lolling all over the couch. It is ridiculous how tall he has become. He takes up virtually the entire length of the couch and his feet are still hovering over the floor.

Apparently, I misunderstood. There was no putt-putt golf. Instead, there was bowling, arcade games, laser tag, pool and a ROPES course. CPI thinks we might all like to go there sometime. Given my grace and elegance, I will not be going in for laser tag or ROPES. For evidence of the above statement, see here: http://thissideofgaudy.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/keeping-out-the-dogs-or-how-to-injure-yourself-in-a-ridiculous-manner/.


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