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I Just Don’t Know What to Say (Unusual for Me)

While I was at home resting, a friend from work brought up balloons and a card for IRP.  She also left a card for me and FMP. Inside I found a gift card. My co-workers had taken up a collection to help us out!

I am so touched and humbled. I really can’t find words to thank them. I work for a community college. Many of the part-timers are students. I know they are struggling themselves. And, yet, they gave of their limited resources to aid us. I never cry, but I think I may have to now. I wish my grandmother were still here. She would cry with me and we would both feel better. I am sure, though, that she is up before the throne pointing out to God exactly what she thinks of IRP’s position.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you guys!