A Slight Delay

IRP will not be coming home until Wednesday. The extended-care facility received a 7-day prescription for one of her IV antibiotics instead of a 5-day one. The infection specialist said that we could bring her home today. But, when I asked what would be best for IRP, he said the extra 2 days would be very helpful to her considering the magnitude and location of the infection. We really want her home, but feel we have to do what is best for IRP. This was a near thing and I have no desire to repeat the experience.

I have always told my children, “My job is to keep you safe and happy, in that order. It is possible to be safe and not happy. But, you cannot be truly happy unless you are also safe”. Now, I find myself in the unenviable position of standing by my statement.

We love you, sweetie, but we can wait a bit for you to come home if it will make you safer.

Love, Mom

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