Hiho! Hiho! It’s back to work I go!

IRP’s PICC (permanent IV line) is scheduled to come out today and she is supposed to come home. That would be so lovely. We really miss her around her. Even the pets are pouting. Tomorrow will have been three weeks since the surgery and she is doing things by herself quite well. It will be good for her to come home to continue healing.

This glitch has caused IRP to back up her plans a bit, so we are shooting for Fall 2013 as her return to college. At this point, IRP feels that even studying math would be preferable to what she is doing. Considering our family’s general hatred of math, this is a large concession.

Since FMP will be available today for IRP, I am going back to work. The people there have been so kind and accommodating, but it is time to resume my tasks.


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