TNB is voted off the island (and we don’t even watch the show)

Yesterday, TNB pressed IRP to decide whether or not she would “go out with him”. If I understand correctly, this is what we used to call “going together” or “going steady”. When she, on my advice (I know, shocking!), refused to make such a decision while ill, he stopped speaking to her. This is unacceptable behavior since it is a form of coercion. If you are so unhappy that you cannot speak civilly about something, you tell the person and let them know when you will be returning. TNB simply will not talk to IRP until she is ready to decide.

This has led to the following decision; TNB must go. He will not function in our family where this type of behavior is not approved of. As a side note, if he hopes by his silence to win a “war of attrition” by outlasting IRP’s ability to stand his not talking, he is doomed to disappointment. IRP has been skilled in this tactic since childhood and is hard to beat in such a competition. I doubt TNB can do it. It is all I can do to win and I have been up against it for almost 22 years.


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