rough night

Yesterday, they began weaning IRP off the pain and anti-spasm meds. Unfortunately, she was not ready for this step. At about seven o’clock, she began having horrible stomach spasms. Tears were streaming down her face and she was trying hard not to yell. She was mostly losing the latter battle. TBF had been going to go home to get some studying done, but he would not leave while IRP was in pain. We did not get things sorted out until after ten. IRP is back on all the medications and we will speak to the doctor this morning about what we can do to control her pain better.

We got a little sleep, but I anticipate that IRP will spend most of the day resting. She wants to go walking now while she feels relatively well. We will do that as soon as she is given her antibiotic and the anti-coagulate.~TSG

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