rapid progress

This morning, the doctor took the bandage off the mid-line incision in IRP’s stomach. He had used the incision line that was already there and just had to lengthen it a bit. We appreciate very much that Dr.B has tried, wherever possible, to use existing scars to place incisions instead of making new ones. Since IRP is young (22), she is very worried about such things. Fortunately, TBF (the boyfriend) does not care about such things and has spent a lot of time up at the hospital helping IRP in any way he can.

IRP is also being allowed to eat soft foods. Considering the amount of time it took us to get to this stage after the last operation, this is really rapid progress. IRP has been up walking already this morning. The pain is also subsiding. This is really good since she has almost reached the end of the amount of Demoral (the pain medication that works best for her) that the hospital can give her. After six tonight, she will not be able to have anymore. Hopefully, the on-demand button and the anti-inflammatory will be able to keep her pain under control after that.

Thanks to everyone for their concern.~TSG

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