happy 2017!!!

I have been a bit neglectful of my blogs. I will be trying to rectify this in the new year.

CPI has been accepted at Texas A&M University. This fills me with great pride and a little bit of panic. As you know, a university education is rather expensive. I am really glad that my new job will help pay for that. In addition, I will be directing “The Scheme” towards that end. Since I have not really kept up with it, I will just give you the end total as far as I can tell. I took in about $173.77 by finding money and scrapping metals I found.

For an anthropology class I was taking, I wrote an ethnography (study of a society or group in a society) about “side hustles”; things people do outside their regular jobs to bring in money or other items of value. I interviewed people who had various hustles. The only hustles I got enough information on to write about were dumpster diving and buying storage units. My experiences in looking for things to scrap or use became part of what is called “participant observation”, an anthropological technique. I got an A+ on the paper; a nice little bonus. I was taking the class to determine if I like anthropology enough to take a master’s degree in it. The answer is “yes”. Of course, I may have to delay this a bit as CPI needs a bachelor’s more than I need a master’s. On the other hand, The Scheme may eventually generate enough to let me do both at once. That would be really cool.

For the time being, however, my new plan is to put the boy through A&M on trash. Won’t that be fun?~~TSG

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