november 11, 2016

Despite what some would have you believe, this has been a good week in America. The law was followed and a free, legitimate election was held. People who are happy are by no means allowed to harass, injure or otherwise disturb the peaceful expressions of those who are not happy. Dissenters who do not break any of our other laws cannot legally be retaliated against. This is America and that is how democracy is done.

Today is Veterans’ Day. Today, we thank those who make free, legitimate elections possible. In other parts of the world, people are not allowed to vote secretly. Everyone knows how everyone else voted. Imagine the intimidation factor from those who hold power and will do anything to keep it. Some places don’t even hold elections. Whichever group is strongest just takes control. Might makes right. In other places, just getting to the polls is dangerous. People are killed or severely injured for daring to attempt to exercise their “rights”.

Is our system perfect? Of course not, but it is the closest to perfect of any yet invented. The maximum number of people are given the right to freely decide their own destiny. This is America. We can make it better, but it is still the best thing going.

THANK YOU to our sponsors!!! You are the best!!!

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