A Sad Necessity

As I mentioned in my last post, IRP began to show signs of severe depression again Thursday. She even posted a letter on her bedroom door that she had written the day before. The letter talked about her urges to cut and otherwise harm herself. She said that she had given up. These and other things obviously alarmed us.

When IRP would not accept our help and moved in with a “friend”, we had to do something. We were afraid she would either actively harm herself or neglect herself until she was once again critically ill. Reluctantly, FMP spent most of Friday filling out a mental health warrant on IRP.

Yesterday, the warrant was served and IRP has been taken to a mental health facility involuntarily to be given help. As expected, she is very angry with us. In fact, she is currently refusing to see or speak to us.

Obviously, this is not something we did lightly. In fact, we feel horrible about it. But, we would rather have a live daughter who hates us than a dead one who does not. Please pray for IRP and for us. We believe we did the right thing, but it is still so very hard.

Thank you!

1 Response to “A Sad Necessity”

  1. June 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Of course I’ll pray for you! It must be hard. I have severe depression myself, and know that my parents have gone through the same thing as you. I wish IRP and her family all the best.

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