Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This volume contains several stories by the author of “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, a book which is highly under-rated due to its association with an unfortunate boy’s fashion of the Victorian Era.

The title story is a tad preachy for today’s youngsters, but the others are retellings of fairy tales that I had not heard. They were quite charming and I enjoyed them greatly.

“Prince Fairyfoot” is about a child born with small feet in a place where big feet are valued.

“The Proud Little Grain of Wheat” details the adventures of that character.

Most enchanting is “Behind the White Brick”. This is the adventures of a little girl who is pulled up her chimney to investigate the world behind the single white brick in its interior. She meets many interesting characters there and is sad to leave.

This book can be accessed at: http://librivox.org/little-saint-elizabeth-and-other-stories-by-frances-hodgson-burnett/


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