“If I die, bury me in the new suit”

Really, CPI!? Really!? After all these years, I find a suit that I can afford and you really like. Then, I have it altered to fit you exactly and you decide to die? Somebody save me!

CPI has been laid low since yesterday at three with severe allergies. At one point, he even had a fever. He is coughing like nobody’s business and probably bringing up stuff no one wants to see. Briefly, he decided to die and wanted to be buried in the new suit. But, “not before it is altered. I refuse to be buried in an ‘ill-fitting’ suit”. Yes, because my only concern if a child dies is how cool they look in the coffin.

CPI has, however, made a miraculous semi-recovery in the last hour or so and insists on going to both Prom and SNAP (Senior Night After Prom) at a nearby indoor putt-putt golf course and recreation area. I hope he survives.

Have a great time, CPI! We love you!

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