Sharped-Dressed Man

Everything has been so up-in-the-air that we just got in today to rent CPI’s tuxedo for prom, which we had previously been by and priced at $188. Everyone and their cousin was there. While we were waiting for him to be measured, I looked across the room and saw a beautiful pin-striped suit with a tag dangling from its sleeve. I went to investigate and discovered that it was one of the new ones they sell and had originally been $249. The current price was $199 and it was CPI’s size. CPI was worried because the salesman had already begun the rental process. I assured him that there would be no problem moving to a sale.

CPI tried the suit on and it fit perfectly except for the length and waist. Our cleaner/tailor is fixing these small problems and will have it ready by Saturday morning. We have been with them for several years and she was glad to hear that IRP is recovering. The salesman even threw in the shoe rental for free. The shoes have to be back on Sunday, but the suit is CPI’s forever. Or, until he grows some more, whichever comes first.


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