no pain, hurrah

IRP is much more content now. Her medication is arriving before she is in pain and someone now comes in periodically just to make sure she is okay. IRP has been to physical therapy twice now, once yesterday and again today. The goal is to keep the scar tissue that caused the current crises from having a chance to build up again. We definitely don’t need another round of hospitalization and peritonitis.

I spent a good deal of the day asleep trying to feel human again. I have spent much of the last three weeks either on a couch or in a reclining chair. I am not complaining, but I also spent most of those nights getting up to comfort or aid IRP. I am grateful that I got everything settled to such an extent that I had the luxury of sleeping so late.

Monday, I return to work. If all goes to plan, IRP will also be coming home that day. We are making sure that everything is clean and easy to get to for her. FMP works from home on Mondays and Tuesdays, so she will have help if she needs it. I do not anticipate her needing much as the only reason she is here is the IV antibiotics. Those will be stopped Monday.


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