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at the starting gate

As of Friday, I was at 244. I am trying to lose the weight slowly, so my goal is a pound a week. And, I’m off!


it’s on….and i want it off

Yesterday, I went out to get some new work clothes. I have long hated trying things on because I carry my weight in my hips whereas many women carry theirs at the waist. So, pants that I know will fit me in the waist often do not make it up that far. A case in point is the beautiful cobalt blue leather pair I tried on yesterday. I am in deep mourning over this because I love leather.

In my closet there hangs a lovely black leather a-line skirt that FMP bought me the Christmas RTA was one. It is a size eight and fit me like a glove at one time. Not only that, it looks classy and wears like iron. I am not going to set a goal to get back into it right now because I am in at least a 16 now. Instead, I am going to aim for the purple skirt I wore one Easter. It, too, is a classic a-line, but almost hits the floor while the other is knee-length. The size has long worn off the label and I can’t remember what it was. It is such an outstanding color!

So, here’s the plan: One regular soda in the morning because I don’t drink coffee. After that, water or iced tea. Walk around the campus every day at about 4:00pm. Take fruit to eat instead of something from the machines. Try to get a bit more movement in by walking over to ask people questions or relay information when possible and practical.

Why have I suddenly made this resolve? Well, “critical mass” has been reached; my upper story bounces when I walk. Although I have no feeling in the breasts themselves due to the reconstruction, I can feel the up and down motion pulling on other parts of my chest. This annoys me no end. I remember the sensation from when I nursed the children. I love them dearly, but it was always something of a relief to go back to my normal size when they were weaned. I don’t know what other women use a gauge of when they really need to lose weight. This is mine.

Those of you who pray are invited to join me in asking God to help me not crave sweets as I normally do. Thanks!–TSG


now that i’m done complaining

After the rant of some weeks ago regarding everything I thought was going wrong, I am ready to do what I can about what I can. With that in mind, I have taken up walking the campus of the college (about 1 mile) every day at 3:00. On Thursday or Friday (whichever is our last day of the week), I am going to weigh myself. I will wear the same clothes and shoes each time so that everything is equal. Today, I am at 246. This is not the most I have ever weighed, but it is uncomfortably close. I will be rounding down if I fall between two numbers both for morale reasons and because of the running shoes. Yes, I am aware that I am not running, but they provide better support. Maybe I will eventually become ambitious and try a little running.