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The Result of the Most Recent Surgery

So, today IRP had yet another surgery. This was to reconnect her rectum to her large intestine after last year’s “blow-out”. It appears that the doctor who corrected her Hirschprung’s failed to get all of the affected area out. As a result, IRP suffered a ruptured bowel and spent three weeks in the hospital recovering from that and the resulting massive infection. A colostomy also had to be performed at the same time to give her time to recover so that we could decide what would need to be done next. I did not post about this and other events at the time they occurred because I was just so shocked and angry. We almost lost her!

The surgery today went well, but IRP has another temporary ileostomy. The doctor who reconnected her said that he had tested the repair and the reversal of the colostomy and no air came through either. He probably could have not done the ileostomy. However, due to what happened last time, he was not willing to risk a recurrence. He would rather take the conservative approach since another rupture might mean that IRP would have to have a permanent colostomy. Although many people live with this, we do not want IRP to have to do so if it can be avoided. Any prayers or good thoughts you care to send our way will be greatly appreciated.~TSG