book exchange

Today, I sold the textbook from the Cultural Anthropology class I took last semester to a student currently taking the class. I had e-mailed the professor letting him know I was willing to sell the book for $30, which is more than the bookstore would give me to turn it in but much less than the $79 they want for it in used condition. So, I have money to put towards one of CPI’s textbooks and the buyer got a bargain on a needed textbook. I love it when everyone wins!

In various machines and on the ground, I found a total of $.57 in change. I also found a square silver/mother of pearl ring on a ledge in the bathroom. I will leave a note on the mirror tomorrow asking anyone who left a ring there to call my office phone number. I hope to return it to the owner. If, after a month, no one comes for it; I will probably either sell it or give it as a gift since it is not my style.~~TSG

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