Scrap Run #2

Yesterday, FMP had to work a special event, so I prevailed upon CPI to drive the truck to the scrap yard. The seat belt on the driver’s side is broken and FMP bolted it to the floor to fit him while we looked for a replacement. We finally found one, but haven’t had time to install it. Unfortunately, the guys are much smaller across the hips than I am. This is how CPI came to be driving his perfectly capable mom to the scrap yard. Safety first.

On this run, we had some copper pipe that a neighbor had given me when he found out I was scrapping. This was the major money-maker. For the entire load, we got $50.30. In addition, I have found $3.43 in change since we last “spoke”. This is for a grand total of: $53.73. I gave CPI $10.00 for taking time to drive down to the yard. So, I netted $43.73.

I’m off to enter the codes from caps I have found and taken off my own drinks. There are 16 on my desk at the moment. I am sure there are more in my purse, which I am going to look for now. Have a great week!~~TSG

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