weekend one: days six and seven

Toured the neighborhood Saturday and found something I can give to IRP for Christmas with just a bit of work. I won’t post that as gain until I do the actual work, though, just in case I get unmotivated. I also found some things to scrap, which I will report when I take them in.

It has come to me that I will not advance towards my goal if I only keep track of my “savings”. I must actually take out the money and put it aside or it will simply be spent on something else in the budget. With that in mind, I am looking around the house for a place to put the money where I can get to it but not be tempted to spend it. If the amount is truly large, I will just put a part of it in. For instance, the college I work for will pay for up to 6 hours of classes per semester for me. I could not take that much out at once without serious strain on our actual budget. I have decided to take out ten percent of the value of non-monetary savings of $100 or more (ex: if the college pays $100 on a class, I will put $10 in my scheme fund).

The weekend’s haul:
1. Codes from two 12-pack Coke packages at the rate of $2.50 each, the sale price at grocery stores around here: $5.00
2. Three binders for my co-worker’s school supply drive at $1.00 each, the cheapest I have ever seen the smallest of the binders, a 1/2″ one: $3.00

Total for the weekend of: $8.00

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