for those of you who need a laugh,…

…this morning’s events at the Gaudy house:

I woke at 6:30 to discover that one of us had tipped over my contact lens cleaning system during the night, leaving my contacts still in a soup of hydrogen peroxide. I had no idea how long they had been this way, but the process takes at least 2 hours. I set up the bottle, hoping it would finish before I had to leave. Meanwhile, I washed my hair. I can’t see anything and also can’t find my emergency glasses. I wake up CPI so he can begin getting ready. He puts my pants on the couch so I can find them easily. The dog decides that they will make a lovely bed in the front hall. I put on a skirt I wore earlier in the week instead. This means that I need to clean off the shoes I wore Monday when the parking lot was full of mud. CPI says he will clean off the mud (now caked dirt) while I fix my hair.

I put sticky stuff in my hair and begin blow-drying and styling it. This consists of blowing for a bit and then leaning as close to the mirror as possible to look at the results. This entire time, we are both trying to figure out where the bottle of plain saline solution that is usually in my purse is so I can rinse the contacts and wear them. It is inexplicably missing. Finally, we decide to buy some on the way to work. CPI begins to throw up (a combination of his seasonal allergies and whatever was in the mud, we think). New plan; CPI will drive me to the store, buy the saline solution and bring it out. I will rinse my contacts, put them in and take him back to the house. Partway to the store, I remember that the contact case in my purse may have solution in it. It does. I rinse the contacts, put them in and take CPI back to the house.

At work, I decide that I deserve a coke. I get this from the fancy machine in the cafeteria where you can mix your own. Returning to my office, I hang up my sweater (a new one) to discover that I have been wandering the campus with a tag attached to an extra button dangling from the back of my sleeve.

The worst/best part of the whole thing? I like my hair better today than I have in some time.

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