travelin’ man

This morning at about 5:45, we dropped CPI off at the airport. This is his first time to fly and he was dressed for the occasion. As I may have mentioned, CPI has decided to bring elegance back to daily life. Accordingly, he was fully kitted out in a suit and tie. As he walked into the terminal, I was so proud that I was the mother of such a good-looking traveler.

He is on his way to Seattle to visit RTA and MFA. I am sure they will show him a good time. Judging from Facebook pictures, they have been practicing with MFA’s folks, who were in last week. Most of all, though, he is excited to be going somewhere by himself. If he runs true to form for our family, he will not want to stop going to new and exciting places EVER. My grandmother made her last trip in her late 80s to take a river cruise in New England. I have a picture of her taken the day she ate her first lobster.

Have a great time, CPI, as you run towards your wonderful future!

Mom (aka TSG)

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