bring on the peanut butter!

The grapes have all been processed and I am the proud producer of two large and eight small jars of jelly. There would have been three large jars, but one broke in the water bath. This happens from time to time, but I do regret the loss of the jelly. Since FMP does not like things to be too sweet, I did not add as much sugar as is usually used. So, the result is a bit tart. It looks like the jelly is the right consistency, but I will not know for sure until it is fully cool and we open a jar. If it doesn’t jell correctly, we will just call it syrup and put it on pancakes.

One large jar will be staying here and my parents will get the other. The rest are going to work for my co-workers. I called IRP and she will be coming by to get one of them as well. At least she is speaking to us now. I hope she will eventually see that we were only doing what we thought was best for her.


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