let my person go!

Yesterday, someone from a long-term facility came by to evaluate IRP. This is at least a small step forward. Two previous facilities refused her outright because of her age. We are now waiting to see what the insurance says. They have rejected somewhere else twice. I have heard that the third time is a charm. This is the third try for both methods of extended care, so I hope it will go through. IRP is terribly bored and frustrated by now.

Aside from the issue above, IRP is really improving. She is now taking one of her antibiotics by mouth and we just walked down to get her some coffee at the coffee shop here. The trip involved a long stretch of hallway and an elevator ride. She had no problem with either. Except for the hospital gown, anyone would have thought she and I were here to visit.

Would someone please let my small person out of here?!

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