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The Pollen Farm

I am convinced that we live in the middle of a pollen farm. As you know, CPI put off dying of allergies to attend Prom. Yesterday, however, he had to stay home since they were still in force. He has gone to school today since he is now merely coughing loudly as opposed to shaking the house. FMP was not so lucky. He spent most of last night getting rid of the gunk in him by a much less pleasant process than coughing it up. I, on the other hand, am the Queen of Sneezes. The only one not affected is IRP. I guess God thinks she has had enough to deal with this year already.

Last night, when the door was open, Whiskey decided to take himself for a walk. He had never even tried this before, so no one thought he would do it. We had to go in search of him since apparently his map did not include return directions. I had this problem with a GPS I once owned. It kept wanting me to go up non-existent ramps. It is now in FMP’s possession. We found Whiskey and brought him home. We do hope he doesn’t subject us to that type of panic again. I guess we will have to be careful when we open doors.