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an unexpected bonus

Last Saturday, I went to a cemetary to continue my research for a book I am planning to write. I have been to this cemetary before, but never at this time of year. I was surprised to discover, growing up a tree in the middle of the gravesites, muscadine grapes. Fortunately, I had my work gloves in the car. As you may know, the skin of this type of grape is very acidic. Picking them without gloves on often results in chapped hands. And rubbing your eyes by mistake is painful. However, the grapes make a superior jelly, so the extra effort is well worth it.

Since I did not know that the grapes were there, I did not have a basket with me. So, I had to improvise. In the car, I had a small bag from Jack-in-the-Box and another from Barnes and Noble. I also had an empty Dr. Pepper bottle. Using these containers, I managed to pick, and actually make it to the car with, enough grapes to fill my large colander. Getting them out of the bottle required the use of a pocket knife to cut off the neck. The Barnes and Noble bag broke on the way to the car, so I probably looked quite comical trying to hug it closed until I could put it on the car seat.

This week, I need to go back to the cemetary to finish my research. I will bring a basket this time. Then, I will make all of the grapes I gather into jelly. If my family speaks to me nicely, I might even give them some.

Some of you may be wondering why grapes were planted in a cemetary. In Victorian times, it was common for families to picnic in the cemetary next to the church between services and on national holidays. Children have always been children and they would get bored after a bit by the adults’ talking. So, many congregations planted fruit or nut trees so that children could be kept busy. I have been looking for pecan trees, but had not thought to look for grapes. So, that is my happy surprise for the month. If CPI ever gets around to sending me the pictures from his camera, I will add a photo to this post.