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the free house project 2

FMP has declared that, if I am going to pursue this, I must get rid of other things that we have in the house from previous adventures. I intend to make this so.

Yesterday’s material:
Seventy-one flat and forty-three curved edging red brick tiles 6″ square-from a field near a recently completed restaurant and suitable for an entry hall.



The Free House Project 1

I am always fussing at FMP about the amount of material that is wasted in construction. Last Saturday, I found that it is also wasted in destruction. I stopped by a former storage facility that is being bulldozed. Everything is being swept into huge piles and then discarded. Some of the units were still standing and I found usable things in them. This gave me an idea.

I have bet FMP that I can find enough material in five years to build us a house. If I win, he buys land and we make plans. If I lose, the whole shebang goes to Habitat for Humanity. Either way, someone is getting a new house.

I am starting with the following:
Five porch pillars-The bottom 3-4 inches are rotten, so one of our clients had to replace them. They are still tall enough to support a porch of average height.
Three opaque glass 5’x3′ windows-Found at the demolition site and of the kind placed above garden tubs.
Linoleum tiles-Found at the demolition site and enough to floor a laundry room (dimensions to follow).

Found includes, obviously, anything on the side of the road, in the trash, etc. It also includes what I deem usable off-cuts from FMP’s cabinetry adventures, anything I am given free (but not if someone bought it for the express purpose of helping me win) and anything I win in a contest. Also, if I find anything that is saleable, but not useful for a house, I may sell it and put aside the money for anything I don’t find. Appliances and HVAC are not included in the challenge.

Oddly, even my brother-in-law, who sometimes thinks I have lost my mind, believes this can be done. FMP would like to point out that he has not yet agreed officially to the bet. I would like to point out that he has had a week to say, “No!”. I realize that some people may feel this old-fashioned, but if FMP says I can’t, then this entire project will come to a screeching halt. Someone has to be in final charge and FMP is it.




After all the help we had from work, my family, etc. when IRP was ill, we did not feel we could ask for more when the compressor on our central air went out. So, with the help of a cool streak in May, we have been making do with fans and open windows.

Fortunately, FMP, who is currently in charge of the budget, has solved our dilemma. By industry and thrift (two almost forgotten words), he has saved enough extra to buy window units for our room, CPI’s room and the living room. I have just gotten up from a lovely nap in our cool room.

Thank you, FMP, for your hard work for our family! I love you!


PS–Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, we appreciate everything you have done for us. We just could not, in good conscious, ask for anything else.